As A Self-Employed, I Am Responsible For Every Decision And Expense. I Need To Conserve, Saving Time & Energy.

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 Unless You Adopt And Adapt  Technology..

"..more than 150 Associates & New RES Joined AAG in 2019. Do You Wonder WHY.. WHY.. & WHY? 

AAG Has UnFairTechnology To Assist You In Your Income Revenue

        Res New Agents Are Welcome..            


TOP 6 Awards To AAG 2018

1. TOP Recruiting Div 2018 Champion

2. TOP Project Sales Div 2018 Champion

3. TOP Sales Division 2018 Champion

4. TOP Sales Transaction Div 2018 Champion

5.TOP Rental Transaction Div 2018 Champion

6. TOP Senior Associate Exe Dir 2018 Champion 

 Have you heard of A.I. Reposting?

Save credits on PG.. Shadowing  Competitors and their listings..

Uniquely in AAG Only.

Warning!!: The Future Is About Data Analytics, Creativity and Innovation. Attending This Seminar Could Change Your   Lifestyle And Perspective In Real Estate Business Forever.   

"If I got 6 hours to chop down a tree, I will spend 4 hours sharpening my axe"-Abraham Lincoln 


 Eric Lee: 9386 6226

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Eric Lee 9386 6226

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Eric Lee Cheng Hai 李清海 

Mobile手机: +65 9386 6226

 Associate District Director,  

c/o Orangetee & Tie Pte Ltd (L3009250K), 

Jesus Bless Us.

2017-Annual Top 100-300 Award 6 Achievers, 1st Salesperson Transactor-Vision Exchange

2016-1st Sales Transactor-F&B, Champion Top Rookie-September

2015-1st Position Champion Vision Exchange, Champion Top Rookie-June

2014-1st Position Champion Vision Exchange, Champion Top Rookie-Division

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